Terrestrial Animals

It is estimated that there are 7.77 million species of animals, of which only 953,434 have been described and classified.

Terrestrial animals live primarily on land. Although humans have always lived alongside the animals, it wasn’t until recently that we realized they are far more fascinating than we gave them credit for in the past. Unfortunately, many animals have been lost due to human overexploitation and habitat destruction. Below you will find animals that have some very unexpected long lifespans. Perhaps we can not only learn from them, but  increase our efforts to protect them.

From the Galapagos tortoise to much the smaller Tuatara, I hope that you enjoy learning about some of the world’s most long-lived land animals.

pink cockatoo


Long-lived animal species have extremely long lifespans under ideal conditions.




The Anomalies


The anomalies are people and animals that as individuals have greatly exceeded the normal lifespan of their species.

Side note: The cat in the click through lived to be almost 18 years old. “Sam” was a dear friend and deserved a place on this website not so much for his longevity, but because he was a badass.




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