How long did Jeanne Calment live? She lived to be 122 years old! Jeanne was born on February 21, 1875 and passed on August 4, 1997 [1].

Where did she live?  Arles, France [1].

What did she eat? Over 2 pounds of chocolate a week and the occasional glass of wine. She cooked with olive oil and also applied it to her skin.

So, nicotine is not a food group, but I figured I’d mention it considering Jeanne smoked from the age of 21 years old to 117 years old [1].

What did she look like? She was beautiful at a young and old age. See figures 1,2, 3, and 4.

Figure 1. Did I mention that she took up fencing at 85 years old? Because she did.
Figure 2. Jeanne Calment in her early years.
Figure 3. She was born 14 years before the Eiffel Tower was built.
Figure 4. I would not shove a microphone into the face of a woman that learned to fence at 85 years old.

What was her personality like? She was laid back with a good sense of humor. Jeanne’s brain never bowed to senility and she was said to be mentally quick until her death [1].

How do people know how old she was? Her age was verified (multiple times) by census documents [1].

Fun Facts:  At 114 years old Jeanne became the oldest film actress when she took a role in the film Vincent et moi [1].

I highly recommend that you visit the Guinness Book of World Records website to read more about this entertaining woman.

Figure 5. Something tells me Jeanne would have loved these.
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